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Solicitation of Nominations for MAS Fellow and New Nomination Deadline

The Microanalysis Society is soliciting nominations for the 2021 Class of MAS Fellows. This 2021 Class should represent outstanding MAS members who have made sustained contributions to the field and the Society. Please consider any nominations you wish to make and submit a 2021 Fellow nomination package. The deadline for 2021 nominations is September 30, 2020.

Congratulations to the 2020 M&M Scholar Award Winners!

Each year the MAS supports students to attend the Microscopy and Microanalysis annual meeting. Find out who are this year’s awardees and consider seeking out their presentations at the upcoming M&M conference.

M&M 2020: Panel Discussion on Mentoring for an Inclusive M&M Community

Please join us for a panel discussion on Mentoring for an Inclusive M&M Community on Tuesday, August 4, 12-1 CDT.

2020 MAS Fellows and Awardees


  • MAS Webinar: Approaches to Additive Manufacturing Materials Characterization at ORNL’S MDF Part 2

    April 29, 2021  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Please join us for our next MAS webinar at 3pm Eastern Time (US and Canada) on April 29th. Donovan Leonard will present Approaches to Additive Manufacturing Materials Characterization at ORNL’S MDF Part 2. No registration is required.

    The link to attend the April webinar is here: April webinar
    A flyer for the April event can be found here: Flyer

    Webinar description: 
    The idea behind this two part webinar by the Microanalysis Society is to open the doors of a DoE user facility, the ORNL Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF), and show others how materials characterization is being done on materials relevant to additive manufacturing. Techniques like X-ray CT, FESEM, TKD, EBSD, EDS, WDS are applied at MDF to determining solidification microstructures on the nanoscale and presence of hot tearing in larger millimeter scale builds.

    April schedule:

    Donovan N. Leonard; “Additive Manufactured Inconel 738 Turbine Blades: A needle in a haystack” (300-315pm)

    Andres Marquez-Rossy: “Xray CT at the ORNL Manufacturing Demonstration Facility” (315-330pm)

    Amy Godfrey: “Laser Powder Bed AM 316L Elemental Segregation During Rapid Solidification of Single Weld Pools” (330-345pm)

    Kevin Sisco: “AM AlCuCeX Alloys, Microstructures and 2nd Phases: No Easy Task” (345-400pm)

    We hope you can join us! If you have any questions, please send them to: masmembership@the-mas.org.

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