AReS Tour Speakers

MAS provides interesting technical speakers for meetings of its Affiliated Regional Societies (AReS). The 2018-2019 MAS-Sponsored Speakers and the titles of their talks are shown below. View the speakers’ abstract and bio by clicking on the links.

Remember that all arrangements by Affiliated Regional Societies for MAS-Sponsored Speaker Program must be made through  the MAS AReS Director. If the designated MAS-Sponsored Speakers are not appropriate for your meeting, please contact the AReS Director to discuss alternative arrangements. A specific speaker can be requested. The only requirements are that the speaker is a MAS member in good standing and willing to make the trip.

Any suggestions for the MAS-Sponsored Speaker Program  are welcomed. This program belongs to the Society membership, and we want to remain flexible in our approach to the program so that the regional societies benefit from our rich and varied member-based expertise.