Membership Dues

Regular: $40US/year

Student: $10US/year

Emeritus: free (no dues)

Honorary: free (no dues)

Microscopy Today: free to US addresses, $25US/yr for foreign hardcopy subscriptions, free electronic subscription.

Microscopy and Microanalysis Journal: $25US/yr for US addresses, $45US/yr for foreign addresses.

In certain circumstances, member dues can be waived. More information here: Member Dues Hardship Waiver

Please note: If you join or renew after October 1, then your MAS membership runs through the rest of the calendar year and the next year. If you join or renew before September 30, your membership will expire at the end of the calendar year.

Membership Categories

Eligibility for membership in the Microanalysis Society is available to “any person or corporation interested in advancing the interests and objectives of this Society,” as outlined in Article III, Section 1 of the Society MAS Bylaws. All who wish to learn about microanalysis instrumentation, techniques, and applications for quantitative analysis of small volumes of matter are encouraged to apply. Click here to join!

Our Bylaws enumerate several categories of membership:

  1. Regular Members, who comprise the majority of the society membership, pay annual dues and are eligible for leadership roles within the society;
  2. Student Members must be full-time students in an accredited degree-granting institution, and are eligible for a variety of awards as well as scholarships to attend society-sponsored meetings;
  3. Emeritus Members must be retired from remunerative professional work, and either have been members of the Society for at least 25 years or have been elected by Executive Council for having provided distinguished service to the society during their professional careers.
  4. Honorary Members are elected by Executive Council in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of microanalysis, following endorsement of at least 10% of the regular membership;
  5. Sustaining Members consist of individuals, companies, or corporations wishing to advance the interests and objectives of the society; up to two individuals designated by the sustaining member are deemed regular members of the society.

The right to vote in annual elections and referenda is held by all individual members of the society – regular, student, emeritus, and honorary.

The right to hold elective office is restricted to regular and honorary members.