Peter Duncumb Award for Excellence in Microanalysis

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The Peter Duncumb Award for Excellence in Microanalysis recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of microanalysis through technical accomplishment, leadership, and educational and professional activities. It is awarded annually to an individual currently active in his or her career through nomination by the MAS membership and selection by MAS Council.

The Duncumb Award is sponsored by MAS Sustaining Member Bruker Nano, and consists of a plaque and a cash award of $2000.

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A listing of Duncumb Award winners is shown below, by year of award.

Year ♦ Award Winner

2022 ♦ Colin MacRae

2021 ♦ Yimei Zhu

2020 ♦ Nestor Zaluzec

2019 ♦ David Seidman

2018 ♦ Richard D. Leapman

2017 ♦ Tom Kelly

2016 ♦ David Muller

2015 ♦ Peter Statham

2014 ♦ Ondrej Krivanek

2013 ♦ Eric Lifshin

2012 ♦ James Bentley

2011 ♦ Joseph R. Michael

2010 ♦ David C. Joy

2009 ♦ Dale E. Newbury

2008 ♦ Joseph I. Goldstein

2007 ♦ David B. Williams