MAS Student Scholar Awards (SSA)

These awards are provided on an ad hoc basis to allow students to attend MAS-sponsored national and international meetings other than the annual meeting. Eligibility requirements and the application process are identical to those for the Distinguished Scholar Awards. The award winners are chosen through vote of MAS Council.

May 22-27, 2011
Seoul, South Korea

K. J. Ganesh       ♦       University of Texas at Austin
Texture and Grain Boundary Characteristics in Nanoscale Cu Interconnects: A Precession Microscopy Study

Julia A. Mundy       ♦       Cornell University
Spectroscopic Imaging of an Ensemble of Pt-Co Nanoparticles by Aberration-Corrected STEM

February 10-15, 2008
Perth, Australia

Judy S. Kim       ♦       University of California at Davis
Nanosecond Imaging in the Dynamic TEM Reveals Unquenchable Transient Microstructure