Focused Interest Group MicroAnalytical Standards (FIGMAS)

The Focused Interest Group on MicroAnalytical Standards (FIGMAS) aims to promote the use of standards and reference materials (SRM) by microanalysts (EPMA, SEM, LA-ICP-MS…) and to improve access to SRM information in general. This effort includes the creation of an online database to collect and distill information that exists scattered through publications, reports and the internet. 

FIGMAS has also organized several symposia at M&M since its inception as well as a pre-meeting congress in 2018 (the program book and other documents can be found here).

It is the first group to have been created and approved with the support of the MicroAnalysis Society and the Microscopy Society of America. FIGMAS is open to members from the following societies:

The annual business meeting occurs during M&M conference (usually on Tuesday) and is open to all.

Leadership (2023-2024):

Emma Bullock (Leader; Carnegie Institution)

Abigail Lindstrom (Leader-elect; NIST)

Andrew Mott (Secretary-Treasurer; Texas A&M)