MAS provides local, regional, national, and international forums for the exchange of questions and solutions regarding microanalysis problems across scientific disciplines. The more than 600 members of MAS include academic, industrial and government researchers, and commercial product developers with specialties in materials science, geology, physics, chemistry, biological sciences, cultural heritage, and more. Our Society Journal, Microscopy and Microanalysis with an impact factor of 2.673, publishes about 70 full papers and hundreds of two page short papers a year, and reaches and subscribers audience, while the trade journal Microscopy Today reaches an audience of over 17000 subscribers. The largest MAS-sponsored meeting is the annual Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting, at which the most recent advances in all areas of microanalysis are presented and discussed by more than 3 000 attendees. The MAS-organized Topical Conference format provides opportunities for roughly 100 attendees to delve more in-depth into specialized microanalysis topics, such as Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Quantitative Electron Microprobe analysis. Student engagement is supported at levels, including sponsorship to for travel for research, training and meeting attendance. Our MAS Fellows are world-recognized experts in microanalysis and serve as ambassadors for the society.