International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies (IUMAS) , founded in 1994, is a non-profit organization of professional societies.

Australian Microbeam Analysis Society (AMAS)  is a member-driven, volunteer-run professional society serving the quantitative microscopy community.

SBMM, Brazilian Society for Microscopy and Microanalysis is main group responsible for the dissemination and updating of the various microscopy techniques in Brazil, allowing an intense growth in the number of electron microscopy laboratories.

Microscopical Society of Canada is a group that was formed by and for microscopists in Canada. We are proud to represent all different microscopy fields and all types of microscopes.

European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS) was founded to meet the growing demands of microbeam analysis users and scientists for further education, communication and professional advice.  The Society is independent, but co-operates closely with national and international microbeam analysis groups, and other European societies with related interests.

KSM, Korea (Korean Society of Microscopy) is a 30-year-old group of various academic scholars.

JSPS, Japan-The 141st Committee on Microbeam Analysis of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science’s objectives are to advance research and development in this field and contribute to society through various activities based on academia-industry cooperation.

SAPRC, China is the Standard Administration of People’s Republic of China, Technical Committee 38 (Microbeam Analysis).