Leadership in the Microanalysis Society is provided by its volunteer members and appointed officers in a variety of roles within the society, as outlined in Articles V through VII of the society Bylaws. All members of the society are eligible for appointive office. Elective office is restricted to regular and honorary members of the society, and requires multiple years of membership in the society, depending upon the office.

Executive Council are elected representatives of the membership, “composed of six Directors and the following officers, the President, President-Elect, the Past-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer,” as indicated in Article V, Section 1.

Appointed Officers are appointed by the President, pursuant to a vote of Executive Council, to transact the society’s business, as outlined in Article VI, Section 5.

Committee Chairs and Members are appointed by Executive Council “as it considers necessary or helpful in managing the affairs of the society,” as outlined in Article VII.

Program Chairs are committee chairs whose responsibilities are specific to technical programming at an Annual Meeting or a Topical Conference.