K. F. J. Heinrich Award

Starting with the 2017 award, the criteria for the Heinrich Award will change to honor scientists with less than 15 years from their terminal degree in the field who have made distinguished technical contributions to the field of microanalysis. The award winner is chosen annually by the MAS President.

A listing of K.F.J. Heinrich Award winners is shown below, by year of the award.

Year ♦ Award Winner

2023 Anette von der Handt

2022 Jordan Hachtel

2021 Katherine Burgess

2020 Lena Kourkoutis

2019 Miaofang Chi

2018 Yoosuf N. Picard

2017 Andrew Herzing

2016 Julien Allaz

2015 Phillipe Pinard

2014 Brian Gorman

2013 James LeBeau

2012 Emmanuelle A. Marquis

2011 Luke N. Brewer

2010 Hendrix Demers

2009Dominique Drouin

2008 Paul G. Kotula

2007 Gerald Kothleitner

2006 Milos Toth

2005 Masashi Watanabe

2004 not awarded

2003 not awarded

2002 David A. Wollman

2001 Chris Jacobsen

2000 Harald Ade

1999 J. Bruley

1998 V. P. Dravid

1997 R. Gauvin

1996 not awarded

1995 E. N. Lewis

1994 J. R. Michael

1993 P. E. Russell

1992 S. J. Pennycook

1991 A. D. Romig, Jr.

1990 R. W. Linton

1989 R. D. Leapman

1988 D. B. Williams

1987 J. T. Armstrong

 1986 P. J. Statham