Historical Meeting Proceedings


  • History of Microscopy – Joel Sheffield, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Biology Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Using DTSA-II Tutorials – Nicholas W. M. Ritchie, Ph.D. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD


ISO Standards



  • Win X-Ray – A Monte Carlo Simulation Program
    • This program is a Monte Carlo simulation of electron trajectory in solid. This new Monte Carlo programs, Ray, is a extension of the well known Monte Carlo program CASINO, which includes statistical distributions for the backscattered electrons, trapped electrons, energy loss and phi rho z curves for X-ray. The new added features in Ray are: the complete simulation of the X-ray spectrum, the charging effect for insulating specimen.
  • Casino – A Monte Carlo Simulation Program
    • This program is a Monte Carlo simulation of electron trajectory in solid specially designed for low beam interaction in a bulk and thin foil. This complex single scattering Monte Carlo program is specifically designed for low energy beam interaction and can be used to generate many of the recorded signals (X-rays and backscattered electrons) in a scanning electron microscope. This program can also be efficiently used for all of the accelerated voltage found on a field emission scanning electron microscope(0.1 to 30 KeV).
  • NIST DTSA-II – EDS Quantification and Simulation
    • NIST DTSA-II is “power tools for x-ray microanalysis.” It integrates electron excited x-ray spectrum analysis tools with simulation tools in a manner that allows you to “simulate what you measure and measure what you simulate.”  It provides standards-based quantitative analysis algorithms for bulk materials and Monte Carlo and analytical simulation algorithms.
  • GMRFilm – Thin film quantification software
  • Open Microanalysis – A collection of open source microanalysis tools
    • CalcZAF – John Armstrong’s ZAF calculation tools
    • CalcZAF on the Probe Software site
  • NIST FFAST Mass Absorption Coefficient database
    • NIST SRD-66: X-Ray Form Factor, Attenuation, and Scattering Tables
  • David Joy’s Smart SEM resolution macro
  • Nestor Zaluzec’s Microscopy and Microanalysis Toolkit

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