Please Welcome our New MAS Directors and MAS Secretary

The election results are in! MAS is pleased to welcome to the Executive Council, Directors Assel Aitkaliyeva (University of Florida) and Thomas Lam (Smithsonian Institution), and Secretary Owen Neill (University of Michigan)!

MAS Directors serve a three-year term and volunteer their time and energy to directly impact our community and our organization. The Secretary of the society plays a critical role in fostering communication and ensuring proper management and utilization of important organizational records. Find more information and their bios on our executive council webpage

Thomas Lam

From Left to Right: Owen Neill (Secretary), Assel Aitkaliyeva (Director), Thomas Lam (Director)


We would also like to thank our outgoing Directors Abigail Lindstrom and Donovan Leonard as well as Secretary Chad Parish for their hard work and contributions to the successful running of MAS!