EBSD 2016 Overview

Welcome to the home page for EBSD 2016, the 5th topical conference (TC) of the Microanalysis Society (MAS) in a series on electron backscattered diffraction.  This is the first year it will be held at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL on May 24-26th, 2016.  EBSD 2016 will be an opportunity for all practitioners of EBSD, from newcomers to seasoned professionals, to learn about the latest technical advances and share their research results. EBSD2016-logo-17JUL15

The first day is dedicated to a detailed overview tutorial that covers the principles and practice of EBSD and includes hands-on sessions for new users as well as EBSD vendor demos for registered attendees. Subsequent days will consist of invited and contributed talks as well as a contributed poster session.




Program Book: EBSD 2016 Program Book

Technical Symposia – Wednesday & Thursday, May 25th & 26th

The EBSD 2016 technical symposia are the heart of the conference and consist of an exciting group of invited speakers at the forefront of the technology and its applications.  Confirmed invited speakers include:

  • High Angular Resolution EBSD – Ben Britton – Imperial College, United Kingdom
  • Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction – Pat Trimby – University of Sydney, Australia
  • Simulation of EBSD Patterns – Marc De Graef – Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Deformation in Ductile Rocks – Seth Kruckenberg – Boston College, USA
  • Brittle Fracture in Rocks – Esti Ukar – University of Texas-Austin, USA
  • Mapping Crystallography in Nuclear Materials – Chad Parish- Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Tutorials – Tuesday, May 24th

Once again, the organizers are also pleased to offer an entire day dedicated to teaching the fundamentals and advanced concepts of EBSD to all interested participants.  Topics and speakers are listed below:
  • EBSD Principles and Theory (Yoosuf Picard and Marc De Graef)
  • Sample Preparation (Alberto Perez-Huerta and Luke Brewer)
  • Data Acquisition and Post Processing (Elena Miranda and Andrew Cross)
  • Case Studies (Elena Miranda and Joe Michael)

Advanced Tutorials – Tuesday, May 24th

  • High Angular Resolution EBSD-Ben Britton, Imperial College, United Kingdom
  • Precession Electron Diffraction (PED), Edgar Rauch – Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
  • Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD), Pat Trimby – University of Sydney, Australia 

Live Demostrations – Tuesday, May 24th

In parallel with the tutorial sessions, registrants can sign-up for live EBSD vendor demonstrations.  Live EBSD vendor demos run all day (9 am to 5pm or later) at the CAF.  Sign-up is first come basis at the registration/sign-in table at the main conference site (Shelby Hall) Monday 3-6pm and all day Tuesday.


The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama and its Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering will host the EBSD topical conference in Tuscaloosa, AL.  The department has an excellent history of progressive EBSD usage, and it houses a state-of-the-art microscopy suite that will be utilized for on-site demonstrations.  More information about Tuscaloosa, AL can be found at http://visittuscaloosa.com.

Shelby Hall will provide the main venue for EBSD 2016 (http://tour.ua.edu/tourstops/shelby.html).  The plenary meeting room accommodates up to 160 participants in classroom style to facilitate note-taking.  Participants will be provided wireless access throughout the UA campus.  In addition:

  • The atrium of Shelby Hall immediately adjacent to the tutorial and technical sessions will accommodate vendor tables as well as coffee and snacks throughout the meeting;
  • Lunch is provided for attendees.
  • Poster sessions will take place in the atrium of Shelby Hall just adjacent to the lecture hall.
  • Live vendor demonstrations on EBSD and SEM equipment will take place in the Central Analytical Facility (CAF,http://caf.ua.edu) in the nearby Bevill Building (http://tour.ua.edu/tourstops/bevill.html) which is a 2-minute walk from Shelby Hall.

Parking information: More information about parking will be posted at a date closer to the meeting.


Student Support

EBSD 2016 is pleased to award a number scholarships (up to $550 per student) to promote significant student involvement in the conference. Scholarships will be available to reimburse registration, travel, and lodging expenses. They will be awarded on the basis applicant’s aptitude and the benefit that the conference will have in the applicant’s research and career development. Although recipients are not required to present their work, abstract submission is highly encouraged.


We will award travel support on a weekly basis until all of the funds have been committed.

EBSD 2016 will award a number of scholarships (up to $550 per student) to reimburse registration, travel, and lodging expenses to the meeting.

Only complete scholarship applications, submitted by April 30, 2016, will be considered.  A complete application consists of 3 items:

1.) The student must complete the registration process for the meeting, including payment.

2.) The student must e-mail the conference organizing committee at EBSD2016.studentaid@gmail.com with “SCHOLARSHIP (STUDENT LAST NAME)” in the subject line and answers to the following questions, A-G, in the body:

A. Please provide your Name, Academic Institution, Department, and e-mail address:

B. Please Specify whether you are currently pursuing a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degree:

C. Please specify whether you are currently taking courses, conducting research, writing a thesis/dissertation, or are about to graduate:

D. If you have one, what is the topic of your thesis or dissertation?

E. Please briefly (one-paragraph) state why you wish to attend EBSD 2016, specifically address how attendance will impact your research and/or career.

F. Please provide your advisor’s contact information, including name, title, academic institution, department, telephone number, and e-mail address.

G. Please indicate whether you have completed registration or will do so by April 30, 2016.

3.) The advisor must e-mail the conference organizing committee at EBSD2016.studentaid@gmail.com with “REFERENCE (STUDENT LAST NAME)” in the subject line and a letter supporting the student’s application in the body.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by mid-April 2016.  Reimbursements will be provided for submitted receipts after the conference.

For further questions or information, please contact Prof. Whitney Behr, behr@utexas.edu


The tutorial session of the program (Tuesday, May 24, 2016) will be highly beneficial to new and experienced EBSD users.

 Scholarship recipients are strongly encouraged to attend as the tutorial will prepare new and intermediate users for the topics of the technical program on Wednesday and Thursday.