M&M 2023 Best Paper Awards

MAS Society Awards for superior microanalysis papers presented at the previous years Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting.

Castaing Award       ♦       Best Student Paper 
Sponsored by

CAMECA Instruments Inc.

Edwin Supple (Colorado School of Mines)

Carbon Capping for Specimen Preparation of Atom Probe Samples with Features of Interest Near the Surface

Birks Award       ♦       Best Contributed Paper 
Sponsored by


Emma Bullock (Carnegie Institution for Science)

Quantitative Compositional Wavelength-Dispersive Mapping of Particles from the Moon

Cosslett Award       ♦       Best Invited Paper 
Sponsored by

Scott Eckley (Jacobs – NASA JSC)

The Utility of X-ray Computed Tomography in Astromaterials Research and Curation: A Case Study from Martian Meteorites

Macres Award       ♦       Best Instrumentation/Software Paper 

Sponsored by

Oxford Instruments America, Inc.

Tina R. Hill (Bruker AXS, Inc.)

Micro-XRF Mapping of Chemically Zoned Beryl: Fast, Non-Destructive, and Precise



Awarded at M&M 2023