M&M 2022 Best Paper Awards

MAS Society Awards for superior microanalysis papers presented at the previous years Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting.

Castaing Award       ♦       Best Student Paper 
Sponsored by

CAMECA Instruments Inc.

Dara Laczniak (Purdue University)

Investigating Space Weathering Effects on Carbonaceous Asteroids Using High-flux and Low-flux Ion Irradiation of the Murchison Meteorite

Birks Award       ♦       Best Contributed Paper 
Sponsored by


Aaron Torpy (CSIRO)

Quantifying Trace Element Variations in Chrysocolla by Clustering FEG-EPMA Hyperspectral Maps

Cosslett Award       ♦       Best Invited Paper 
Sponsored by

Timmons Erickson (Jacobs-JETS, NASA JSC)

Deciphering extreme mineral records; microstructural phase heritage of shocked materials

Macres Award       ♦       Best Instrumentation/Software Paper 

Sponsored by

Oxford Instruments America, Inc.

Aleksander Mosberg (SuperSTEM)

The virtual FIB: Simulating 3D in situ lift-out for visualization and technique development



Awarded at M&M 2022