Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013 Indianapolis, IN

Awarded at M&M 2014, Hartford, CT

Castaing Award ♦ Best Student Paper
Sponsored by

Joseph M. Grogan, University of Pennsylvania

Beam Sample Interactions during Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy

Birks Award ♦ Best Contributed Paper
Sponsored by

T. J. Pennycook et al., Oxford University and SuperSTEM Laboratory

Depth Sensitive Atomic Resolution Spectroscopy and Image of Highly Strained YSZ/STO Epitaxial Heterostructures

Cosslett Award ♦ Best Invited Paper
Sponsored by
Patrick Trimby

Characterizing Severely Plastically Deformed Material Using Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy in the Scanning Electron Microscope

Macres Award ♦ Best Instrumentation/Software Paper

Sponsored by

S. Ijle, H. Ryll, H. Soltau, A. Liebel, O. Scharf, A. Bjeoumikhov, M. Schmidt and L. Streuder

High Spatial Resolution, Energy Resolved Imaging with the pnCCD Color X-ray Camera