Microscopy and Microanalysis 2008 Albuquerque, NM

Castaing Award       ♦       Best Student Paper 
Sponsored by

H. C. Floresca, J. Jeon, M. J. Kim, University of Texas at Dallas 
New FIB Fold-Out Method for TEM Cross-Section Sample Preparation

Birks Award       ♦       Best Contributed Paper 
Sponsored by

J. M. LeBeau, University of California at Santa Barbara
S. D. Findlay, University of Tokyo, Japan
L. J. Allen, University of Melbourne, Australia
S. Stemmer, University of California at Santa Barbara 

Quantitative HAADF-STEM and EELS

Cosslett Award       ♦       Best Invited Paper 
Sponsored by

M. M. El-Gomati, C. G. H. Walker, C. Bonnet, S. P. Tear,
J. A. D. Matthew, University of York, United Kingdom 

Secondary, Backscattered and Low Energy Loss Electrons in the SEM:
Quantification for Nano Analysis

Macres Award       ♦       Best Instrumentation/Software Paper 
Sponsored by

C. M. MacRae, N. C. Wilson, A. Torpy, CSIRO-Minerals, Australia 
Methodology for the Quantification of Hyperspectral Cathodoluminescence