2022 M&M Scholar Awards – Students – Portland

Benjamín Arredondo-Tamayo (Instituto Politécnico Nacional) – Eggshell nanoparticles and their effect on moisture barrier properties of gellan gum films by morphological analysis

JoAnn Ballor (Michigan State University) – The Effect of ω- and α-Phase Precipitation on the β-Phase Lattice Parameters During 400°C aging in Ti-11Cr(at.%)

Adham Basha (Tel Aviv University) – A Straightforward Method for Measuring the Elastic and Inelastic Mean Free Paths for Scattering of Fast Electrons in Technologically Important Thin-Film Oxides

Daniel Durham (University of California Berkeley) – A Multislice Approach to Quantify Laser-Induced Lattice Temperature from Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Measurements of Single-Crystal Films

James McFadden (Purdue University) – Evaluation of Space Weathering and Surface Exposure Timescales for Lunar Soils in Apollo 17 Core Sample 73002 through Electron Microscopy.

Mehrpad Monajem (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) – APT_PyControl, an Open-source Python Atom Probe Tomography Control Software Package

Mehdi Mosayebi (McMaster University) – Large Volume 3D Electron Backscatter Diffraction Characterization of Lath Martensite in 13%Cr-4%Ni Stainless Steel by Xe Plasma FIB

Claudia-Tatiana Santos Maldonado (Imperial College London) – Hydrogen embrittlement of pre-cathodically Hydrogen charged Inconel 718 fabricated via Selective Laser Melting

Sang Bum Yi (University of Toronto) – Electron Backscattered Diffraction Analysis of Electrodeposited Copper Coatings for Canada’s Used Nuclear Fuel Containers

Dasol Yoon (Cornell University) – High-Speed, High-Precision, and High-Throughput Strain Mapping with Cepstral Transformed 4D-STEM Data

2022 M&M Scholar Awards – Post-docs– Portland

Alexandre Pofelski (Brookhaven National Laboratory): Effect of Sampling on Geometric Phase Analysis Sensitivity for Strain Measurement in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

Adrián Pedrazo-Tardajos (University of Antwerp): Thermal Stability of Au2Pt Nanoparticles Investigated by Electron Tomography

Rekha Rao (University of Alabama): Hydrogen Trapping in Fully Martensitic Steels using Atom Probe Tomography

Angel Valdez (McGill University): Structural and Chemical Characterization of Janus Nanoparticles with 2D and 3D Electron Microscopy

Yao Yang (University of California Los Angeles): Determining the 3D Atomic Structure of Metallic Glass