2021 M&M Scholar Awards – Students – Virtual M&M

James Alexander (University of Western Ontario) – Combined Geochemical and Mineralogical Investigation of Gold Mineralized Quartz Veins at the Vertigo Target, White Gold District, West-Central Yukon Territory, Canada

Kirsten Blagg (Colorado School of Mines) – Focused ion beam deposited carbon-platinum nanowires for cryogenic resistive thermometry

Yueyun Chen (University of California Los Angeles) – Determining Lattice Parameters by Curve-Fitting Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction Patterns

Shuoyuan Huang (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Symmetry Analysis in Metallic Glasses by Electron Nanodiffraction

Milena Hugenschmidt (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) – Quantification and Mitigation of Electron-Beam-Induced Carbon Contamination

Harikrishnan K. P. (Cornell University) – Dose-efficient strain mapping with high precision and throughput using cepstral transforms on 4D-STEM data

Ellis Kennedy (University of California Berkeley) – Structural Ordering and Composition of Warner Mountains Obsidian and its Microlites

Haotian Wen (University of New South Wales) – Direct Correlation of Transmission Electron Microscopy and Optical Microscopy for Study of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds

Maxemilian Widemann (Philipps-Universität Marburg) – Decomposition behavior of III/V semiconductor precursor gases in a closed gas cell in-situ TEM holder observed by mass spectrometry

Ankush Bhatia (Université de Picardie Jules Verne) – In-situ Liquid Electrochemical TEM Investigation of Semi Solid-State LMNO Micro-Battery

2021 M&M Scholar Awards – Post-docs– Virtual M&M

Tanner Hamann (University of Maryland) – Simulating Electrochemical Performance of Solid-State Electrolyte Bilayers Characterized by FIB Tomography

Michal Horák (Brno University of Technology) – Influence of primary beam energy on localized surface plasmon resonances mapping by STEM-EELS

Benjamin Jenkins (University of Oxford) – The Effect of Analysis Conditions on the Fidelity of Atom Probe Data of Zirconium Alloys

Joydeep Munshi (Argonne National Laboratory) – 4D >Crystal: Deep Learning Crystallographic Information From Electron Diffraction Images

Anuj Saini (Case Western Reserve University) – Single Molecule Microscopic Detection of Corrosion Reactions using “Turned-on” Fluorophores