Baltimore, MD

Winner Affiliation Paper Title
Eric Hoglund University of Virginia Momentum Resolved EELS of Plasmons at Al Grain Boundaries without a q-Slit Aperture
Mandy Nevins Rochester Institute of Technology Visualizing Astigmatism in the SEM Electron Probe
Yu Yuan McGill University Secondary Fluorescence Correction of 3D Heterogeneous Materials for Quantitative X-ray Microanalysis
Lucile Brunel-Duverger Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France Contribution from SEM Studies in the Understanding of Degradation Mechanisms of Copper Green Pigments from the Louvre Museum’s 21st Dynasty Egyptian Coffins
Quentin Stoyel McGill University Methods for Simulation of Electron Energy Loss Spectra for Low Energy Edges in Battery Materials
Patrick Trampert German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Exemplar-Based Inpainting Based on Dictionary Learning for Sparse Scanning Electron Microscopy
Laura Seifert University of Arizona Multi-keV Analyses of a Presolar Mg-Silicate Grain via SEM/STEM
Frédéric Voisard McGill University EELS Analysis of Bulk Plasmon Harmonics of Aluminium at 30 keV
David Baek Cornell University Direct Electron Detection for Atomic-Resolution EELS Mapping at Cryogenic Temperature
Rachel White University of Alabama Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction of the Thermally Grown Oxide on Grain-refined NiAl-Zr