St Louis, MO

These awards are presented annually to students presenting high quality technical papers with significant microanalysis content at the annual meeting.

Student School Paper Title
Weiyi Xie Ohio State University Acquisition of STEM Images by Adaptive Compressive Sensing
Xuyan Zhou Univ. of Alabama Linking Experimental Solute Segregation Specificity in Nanocrystalline Alloys to Computational Predictions
Philipp R. Kürnsteiner Die Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung In-process Precipitation During Laser Additive Manufacturing Investigated by Atom Probe Tomography
Elaina Anderson Univ. of Michigan A Snapshot of the Microstructural Evolution of Alloy 800H under Heavy Ion Irradiation
Gen Maeda Kogakuin University Segmentation and Contour Extraction in Biological Transmission Electron Microscope Images with ‘Bag-of-Features’ Method in Machine Learning
Bejamin Martineau Cambridge Univ. Data Clustering and Scanning Precession Electron Diffraction for Microanalysis
Alan Pryor Jr. UCLA GENFIRE: A Generalized Fourier Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for High-Resolution 3D Electron and X-ray Imaging
Genevieve Lee Ohio State University Rapid Nanometer Mapping of Nickel-Steel Friction Stir Weld Joint
Joseph Tessmer Carnegie-Mellon University Automated Acquisition and Analysis of Selected Area Electron Channeling Patterns in an FEG-SEM
Saransh Singh Carnegie-Mellon University Applications of Forward Modeling to Refinement of Grain  Orientations
Yi-Sheng Chen Oxford University Simplifying Observation of Hydrogen Trapping in Atom Probe Tomography
Seungyeol Lee Univ. of Wisconsin Study on nanophase minerals and their associated trace elements in freshwater ferromanganese nodules from Green Bay, Lake Michigan
Yang Ning  Univ. of Houston An Integrated Workflow to Predict Macro-scale Transport Properties in Gas Shales by Coupling Molecular Dynamics Simulation with Lattice Boltzmann Method