Columbus, OH

Each year the MAS supports students to attend the Microscopy and Microanalysis annual meeting

Name Affiliation Paper Title
Yung-Chen Wang University of Washington Characterization of Protein G B1 Immobilized Gold Nanoparticles using Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Sebastian Schneider TU Dresden (Germany) Quantifying Magnetism on the nm Scale: EMCD on Individual FePt Nanoparticles
Chaoyi Teng McGill University (Canada) X-ray Microanalysis Phase Map on Rare Earth Minerals with a Conventional and an Annular Silicon Drift Detector
Kevin Fisher University of Michigan Comparing Plasma-FIB and Ga-FIB Preparation of Atom Probe Tomography Samples
Fehmi Yasin University of Oregon Development of STEM Holography
Eren Suyolcu MPI Solid State (Germany) Linking Dopant Distribution and Interatomic Distortions at La1.6M0.4CuO4/La2CuO4 Superconducting Interfaces
Jessica Alexander Ohio State University Optimized Damage-Reduction 60 keV Monochromated Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy Measurements of Optical Properties at the Donor/Acceptor Interface in Organic Photovoltaic Devices
Samuel Briggs University of Wisconsin Complementary Techniques for Quantification of α´ Phase Precipitation in Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cr-Al Model Alloys
Yu-Tsun Shao University of Illinois Fundamental Symmetry of Barium Titanate Single Crystal Determined using Energy-Filtered Scanning Convergent-Beam Electron Diffraction
Michael Tanksalvala University of Colorado, Boulder Coherent Ptychographic Imaging Microscope with 17.5-nm Spatial Resolution Employing 13.5-nm High Harmonic Light
Barnaby Levin Cornell University Reverse Engineering Cadmium Yellow Paint from Munch’s “The Scream” with Correlative 3-D Spectroscopic and 4-D Crystallographic STEM
Andrew Stevens Duke University Compressive STEM-EELS
Brian Zutter University of California, Los Angeles Temperature Dependence of the Silicon Nitride Volume Plasmon
David Baek Cornell University Impurity Segregation via Extended Defects in Oxide Thin Films Probed by Aberration-Corrected STEM-EELS