Portland, OR

Peter J. Felfer ♦ University of Sydney, Australia
Atomic Resolution Grain Boundary Analysis using Atom Probe Tomography

Kameswaran Jai Ganesh ♦ University of Texas at Austin
Automated Local Texture and Stress Analysis in Cu Interconnects using D-STEM and Precession Microscopy

Julia A. Mundy ♦ Cornell University
Spectroscopic Imaging of a Statistically Significant Ensemble of Pt-Co Nanoparticles by Aberration Corrected STEM

Philippe T. Pinard ♦ McGill University, Canada
An API/GUI for Monte Carlo Simulation of EPMA Spectra using PENELOPE

Michael Robinson ♦ University of Washington
3D Cellular Imaging using Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry