Guidelines for Regional Societies Affiliated with the Microanalysis Society (MAS)

A. Formation of a Regional Society Wishing to Affiliate with MAS

  1. Regional societies form by organizing a group of individuals within a defined geographical region who have a common interest in the science, technologies, and applications of various forms of microanalysis. Regional societies must have a minimum of twelve (12) members, of whom at least ten percent (10%) or four (4) members, whichever is larger, must be members of MAS.
  2. Each society needs to formulate a set of bylaws applicable to that regional society. Such guidelines must not conflict with the MAS Bylaws.
  3. The society shall have a body of officers elected at regular intervals.
  4. The society must have at least one meeting annually consisting of both scientific and business sessions.
  5. The society shall have been in existence for at least one year prior to applying for affiliation with MAS.

B. Affiliation of a Regional Society with MAS

  1. The president of the regional society shall write a letter of application to the MAS Director of the Affiliated Regional Societies (AReS) requesting affiliation and stating the history of that regional society. A copy of the bylaws must accompany the application.
  2. A complete listing of members should accompany the application, with those who are members of the national MAS so designated.
  3. The MAS AReS Director shall recommend any necessary changes or additions to the proposal, and assure that it is in good format for submission to the MAS Executive Council for its approval.
  4. The final application shall be received by the MAS AReS Director and be submitted to the MAS Executive Council for approval of affiliation no later than the next council meeting.
  5. If affiliation is approved by at least a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the MAS Executive Council, the applying regional society shall immediately become an Affiliated Regional Society (AReS) and be so notified by the MAS AReS Director.

C. Privileges of MAS Affiliated Regional Societies

  1. Participation of an MAS-Sponsored Speaker at a technical meeting, once per year, at the expense of MAS and at no cost to the AReS.
  2. Regional membership lists from MAS to aid in recruiting new members to participate in the AReS.
  3. Representation at the annual meeting (typically a luncheon gathering) of Affiliated Regional Societies at the Annual Meeting of MAS.
  4. Voice on MAS Council through the AReS Director.

D. Responsibilities of MAS Affiliated Regional Societies

  1. Maintenance of dues-paying membership in accordance with the minimum guidelines for affiliation with MAS, as outlined in Section A1 above.
  2. Annual submission, during the month of May, of a report to the MAS AReS Director, containing (i) an updated list of AReS Officers, (ii) a current listing of AReS members, with MAS members so designated, and (iii) a report of AReS activity during the preceding year, suitable for publication on the MAS website or newsletter, with reference to the proceedings of technical and business programs at the annual meeting of the AReS, as outlined in Section A4 above.
  3. Annual attendance by an AReS representative at the annual meeting (typically a luncheon gathering) of Affiliated Regional Societies at the Annual Meeting of MAS.

E. Maintainance of MAS Affiliated Regional Society Status

  1. In order to remain eligible for the benefits of affiliation with MAS indicated in Section C above, all AReS must fulfill the reponsibilities indicated in Section D above.
  2. The MAS AReS Director will review and evaluate the status of each AReS annually in June, and make a report on AReS activity to MAS Executive Council for consideration at its Summer Council Meeting, held on the weekend preceding the Annual Meeting of MAS. Action by MAS Executive Council involving the removal of affiliation with a regional society shall be taken at the Summer Council Meeting, at which an AReS representative will be invited to represent the regional society.