Vernon Robertson

Vernon Robertson has been with JEOL USA for over 32 years and was appointed EPMA/Surface Analysis Product Manager in early 2016 and will continue as SEM Technical Sales Manager, providing in-house and in the field, technical product support and customer applications support. Vern served as the senior SEM Applications Specialist at JEOL beginning in 1986. He was appointed National Laboratory Manager in 2004, and FEG SEM Product Manager in 2005. Vern received his B.Sc. in Geology with honors from the University of New Hampshire. His prior industrial experience included eight years of consulting in an independent testing lab specializing in industrial and environmental problem solving, with responsibilities including polarized light optical microscopy, and atomic emission and absorption spectroscopy SEM with EDS/ WDS and x-Ray diffraction. Vern was a recent member of the MAS (Microanalysis Society) Council serving as the Corporate Liaison.