2016 M&M Best Paper Awards

Castaing Award       ♦       Best Student Paper 
Sponsored by

A. R. Sarafian, S. G. Nielsen, H. R. Marschall, G. A. Gaetani, E. H. Hauri, K. Righter, E. Sarafian

Volatile Addition to the Inner Solar System Between 4.566 and 4.564 Ga: Evidence
from Angrite Meteorites

Birks Award       ♦       Best Contributed Paper 
Sponsored by

Ivan Blum, David Zanuttini, Lorenzo Rigutti, François Vurpillot, Julie Douady, Emmanuelle Jacquet, Pierre-Matthieu Anglade, Benoit Gervais, Angela Vella, Aurore Gaillard

Dissociation of Molecular Ions During the DC Field Evaporation of ZnO in Atom
Probe Tomography

Cosslett Award       ♦       Best Invited Paper 
Sponsored by

Philipp R. Heck and Birger Schmitz

Microanalysis of Fossil Micrometeorites and Meteorites to Study A Major Asteroid Collision ~470 Million Years Ago

Macres Award       ♦       Best Instrumentation/Software Paper 

Sponsored by

Pieter Kruit and Yan Ren

Multi-Beam Scanning Electron Microscope Design

Awarded at M&M 2017, St Louis MO