2020 M&M Scholar Awards – Students – Virtual M&M

Christopher Addiego University of California, Irvine Multiscale Electric Field Imaging of Vortices in PbTiO3-SrTiO3 Superlattice
Xiangbin Cai Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Resolving nanostructured materials down to the single-atom limit
Juliana Casali Western University
Application of Large-scale Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence 2D Mapping of Alteration Styles to Understand Gold Mineralization at the Monument Bay Project, Stull Lake Greenstone Belt, Manitoba, Canada
Mouad Essani University of Orleans
Standardless quantitative EPMA of microparticles with irregular shapes
Chaitanya Gadre University of California, Irvine Nanoscale Phonon Mapping of Single SiGe Quantum Dots by Vibrational EELS
Supriya Ghosh University of Minnesota Atomic and electronic structure evolution of ZIF-L metal organic framework during amorphization
Haw-Wen Hsiao University of Illinois Imaging Lattice Distortions in High Entropy Alloys at Multiple Length Scales using Electron Nanodiffraction and 4D-STEM
Kakeru Kikumasa University of Tokyo Quantitative Prediction of Properties of Organic Molecules from ELNES via Artificial Neural Network
Dara Laczniak Purdue University ­Analytical STEM/EDS Characterization of Elemental Segregation and Solid Solution Formation in Multiphase Ceramics
Chia-Hao Lee University of Illinois ­Detecting Vacancy-Induced Strain Field Oscillations via Deep Learning

2020 M&M Scholar Awards – Post-docs – Virtual M&M

Benedikt Haas Humboldt University of Berlin Comparison of Ptychography vs. Center-of-Mass Analysis of Registered 4D-STEM Series
Silvan Kretschmer Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf Electron irradiation of two-dimensional MoS2: insights into the influence of electronic excitations from first-principle calculations
Andrew Lang US Naval Research Laboratory
The Atomic Structure of Epitaxial Metallic Transition Metal Nitride TaNxby STEM-ABF and HAADF
Debangshu Mukherjee Oak Ridge National Laboratory
stemtools: An open source Python toolkit for analyzing electron microscopy datasets
Philipp Pelz University of California Phase Contrast Imaging in Thick, Heterogeneous Samples via S-Matrix Phase Retrieval and Depth Sectioning