Consider submitting an abstract to IUMAS8!

Abstracts are due January 13, 2023. Don’t miss out on the 8th Meeting of the International Union of the Microbeam Analysis Society in beautiful Banff, Canada.

This is a joint event with Microscopy Society of Canada/Société de Microscopie du Canada FIB SEM 15th Annual Meeting. Find out more here:

SCIENTIFIC TOPICS: Quantitative EDS / EPMA | Fluorescence imaging in lab / SEM and synchrotron-based (micro / nano) | Cathodoluminescence | Advanced SEM techniques | Compositional imaging FIB & Related Techniques / 3D FIB | Spectroscopy & Spectromicroscopy | TEM / STEM / Analytical EM | Correlative microscopy & microanalysis | Dynamic & in-situ EM | Data processing / Machine learning | EM in materials applications Cryo electron tomography | Single particle applications in biological sciences | Light microscopy / super resolution | Biological multi-scale imaging | Methods development for biological samples in EM