NIST Workshop (2020-07-13): Current Status and Future Perspective of In-Situ Electron Microscopy for Electronic and Quantum Materials

New developments in electron microscopy (EM) instrumentation now enable the observation and measurement of nanoscale processes in electronic and quantum materials for in situ/operando experiments. These experiments can provide fundamental insight into the structure, chemistry, and functionality of materials in their native or working conditions, measured at high spatial resolution and under various stimuli, such as heat, light, biasing, and liquid/gas environments.

This one-day virtual workshop organized by the Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy (ETEM) Team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will provide a platform for sharing the state-of-the-art electron microscopy techniques that capture dynamic processes in electronic and quantum materials, and drawing attention to the emerging technologies in data acquisition and analysis. We will use the open discussion panel to identify current challenges and opportunities in the field, which could be addressed using the available tools.

This workshop recognizes the frontier research in the field of in-situ transmission electron microscopy and the future horizon focused on electronic and quantum materials, in honor of the multimodal approach for ETEM pioneered by Dr. Renu Sharma, who retired from NIST in November 2019. Renu has been a long-time advocate in the research fields of materials science and electron microscopy. Her contribution to in-situ electron microscopy is unparalleled.

The format of the workshop will include live-streaming lectures given by the invited speakers, and an open discussion panel.

There is no fee to attend this virtual workshop.

The workshop will be held on July 13, 2020. Registration closes on July 09, 2020.

Registration, the speaker schedule, and more details can be found here.