Congratulations to the M&M 2021 Best Paper Award winners!

Best Paper Awards: These awards represent the best papers presented at the previous year’s M&M meeting. Candidates for the MAS Outstanding Paper Awards are nominated, through consultation with symposium organizers and the MAS membership, by the MAS Awards Committee, then approved by vote of MAS Council.

Birks Award for Best Contributed Paper, sponsored by JEOL:
Quantifying Trace Element Variations in Chrysocolla by Clustering FEG-EPMA Hyperspectral Maps
Aaron Torpy, CSIRO

Cosslett Award for Best Invited Paper, sponsored by MAS:
Deciphering extreme mineral records; microstructural phase heritage of shocked materials
Timmons Erickson, Jacobs-JETS, NASA JSC

Castaing Award for Best Student Paper, sponsored by Cameca:
Investigating Space Weathering Effects on Carbonaceous Asteroids Using High-flux and Low-flux Ion Irradiation of the Murchison Meteorite
Dara Laczniak, Purdue University

Macres Award for Best Instrumentation/Software, sponsored by Oxford Instruments:
The virtual FIB: Simulating 3D in situ lift-out for visualization and technique development
Aleksander Mosberg, SuperSTEM