MAS has a network of Affiliated Regional Societies (AReS) throughout the United States and in Australia. MAS supports the technical programs of its AReS through its MAS-Sponsored Speaker Program.

The Microanalysis Society strengthens its mission “to advance and disseminate knowledge concerning the principles, instrumentation and applications of microanalysis down to the atomic level” through affiliation with regional societies.

Affiliated Regional Societies (AReS) are formally affiliated with MAS, through application to and approval by MAS Council. There are currently nineteen AReS across the United States and in Australia. Check the list to find an AReS in your area!

The MAS-Sponsored Speaker Program is the most significant tangible benefit that MAS provides to its AReS. This program provides annually at no charge to each AReS a renowned speaker for one of their technical meetings. Moreover, the pool of speakers – typically a choice of three – is chosen by representatives of the AReS at the annual meeting, thus ensuring that the subject matter of the speakers is highly relevant to the AReS membership.

Guidelines are provided by MAS for local societies that wish to become affiliated with MAS. Can’t find an AReS in your area? A locally formed group with as few as twelve members can affiliate with MAS after a year. Local chapters of technical societies in geology, chemistry, physics, or materials science can benefit through affiliation with MAS. Alternatively, a group of interested individuals in any geographical area can form their own regional society to affiliate with MAS.

For additional information, contact the MAS AReS Director.