1. “From Portable to SEM-based XRF: Complementing Electron-based X-ray Microanalysis”

2. “Desert Varnish in the Political Swamp: Nanoscale Mn-oxide deposits on Architectural Stone, Washington, DC”

Ed Vicenzi, Smithsonian Institution’s Museum Conservation Institute (MCI)

Ed Vicenzi is a research scientist at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum Conservation Institute (MCI). He utilizes a variety of microbeam techniques to study of museum specimens and related materials to understand their history and origin.  Before taking-up his position at MCI he served as the Director of the Analytical Laboratories in the National Museum of Natural History’s (NMNH) Department of Mineral Sciences and the co-manager of the Imaging and Analysis Facility at Princeton University.  He is the past president for the International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies (IUMAS), has served as President and Director of the MicroAnalysis Society (MAS), principal and co-organizer of MAS topical conferences, chair of the NMNH Senate of Scientists, MAS co-chair for the M&M conference, as well as an organizer for symposia at M&M, AGU, and Goldschmidt conferences. He serves as a panel member for science funding agencies, an editorial board member for Heritage Science, and is an associate editor for Microscopy & Microanalysis.  He obtained a PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an MS from the University of Oregon, and a BSc from McGill University, all in Earth Sciences.